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Our SMSF Advisors are Here To Guide You Setting Up an SMSF

Crafted by Leading SMSF Accounting Experts, our Specialist SMSF Trust Deed is meticulously designed to cater to the intricacies of SMSF Set Up.

Going beyond the basics, the trust deed considers critical aspects such as membership, contributions, income streams, and estate planning – ensuring your SMSF Set Up and financial future is secure. Our SMSF Accountants are experts at SMSF Set Up.

Your SMSF Set up includes a special Purpose Trustee Company, this is a superior choice over individual trustee SMSF Set Up. This special purpose company comes with its very own SMSF constitution, seamlessly aligning with our Specialist SMSF Trust Deed.

What’s more, our service covers the out-of-pocket ASIC fee for establishing this new company, a saving of over $600. This trustee company setup is a choice we highly recommend fpr SMSf set up.

Our SMSF Set Up is Comprehensive and Includes:

Consents, Minutes, and Bank Account Opening Kit


Consent forms for trustee and director appointments.
Minutes for establishing your SMSF and passing various resolutions.
Membership application forms.



Registration of the trustee company with ASIC.
Registration of the SMSF with the ATO, including TFN, ABN, and GST registration if needed.
We handle any queries the ATO may have, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Company Constitution (Specially Designed for SMSFs)


ASIC Incorporation Certificate
Shareholder Information
Various Documents for Shareholder and Director Resolutions

Why gamble on your retirement?

Arm yourself with our SMSF advice and make decisions that count.


Our professional advice is your secret weapon to a successful and complaint SMSF set up, whilst giving you the best opportunity of putting your SMSF wealth creation in the fast lane.



Do I need to have a good knowledge of investments to have a SMSF?

We suggest you have a basic understanding of investments and how they work, however its not essential. It is possible (and many clients do this) to outsource the investment function to a professional.

You will need to prepare and implement an SMSF investment strategy for your SMSF and review it regularly. The investment strategy needs to reflect the purpose and circumstances of your SMSF and consider several factors.

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Can I have insurances through my SMSF, like I do in my retail/industry fund?

An SMSF can hold all the insurances a retail / industry super fund can. An SMSF can hold life insurance, Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD) for “any occupation” and Income Protection Insurance. It is important to consider your insurances will align with a condition of release and that they are not “trapped” inside the SMSF when you need them.

SMSF trustees are legally obliged to consider insurances, as per their Investment Strategy. This however, does not mean insurance is compulsory, merely it needs to be considered. The SMSF trustees may deem that appropriate cover is held outside the SMSF. 

We suggest you seek advice from an insurance professional when determining appropriate cover.

Is there anyone who can’t have a SMSF?

In most cases all members of a SMSF must be a trustee or a director of the trustee company. Anyone 18 years and over and not under a legal disability (i.e. Mental impairment or bankruptcy) can be a trustee unless they are a disqualified person.

A person is disqualified if any of the following apply:

  • A person has been convicted of an offence involving dishonesty
  • A person has been subject to a civil penalty order under the super laws
  • A person is considered insolvent under administration
  • A person in an undischarged bankrupt
  • Has been disqualified by a regulator

If a person is any of these things, then they will likely be ineligible to be a trustee of a SMSF.

Can I buy property with my SMSF?

Your SMSF can buy any type of property that the trustees feel fits the investment strategy of their SMSF, however it is important to understand the specific rules that apply to owning and using a property that is owned by an SMSF.

This mean you can buy a commercial property, residential property, vacant land, farm land, etc. There are however restrictions with regard to property and SMSF.


Learn More here

Who can help me prepare my strategy for my SMSF?

There is a legal requirement for the trustees to have an investment strategy for an SMSF.

An investment strategy can be for the fund as a whole, or for each member (depending on the risk tolerances of fund members).

An investment strategy is a document that sets out how you plan to achieve the fund’s or member’s investment objectives. There is no prescribed format for an investment strategy (unless your trust deed says so), but it must reflect the purpose and circumstances of the fund and its members. An investment strategy is a fluid document that should be updated whenever circumstances in the fund change and should be reviewed regularly.

The investment strategy should consider such things as diversification of assets, liquidity of the fund’s assets, insurance, the ability of the fund to meet the needs of members (ie. ability to pay a pension) and the ability of the SMSF to discharge its existing and prospective liabilities.

The trustee must prepare the investment strategy, but can take assistance from others, such as an appropriately licensed financial planner.

What can an SMSF invest in?

SMSF members can invest in a way that is often unavailable in most other super funds.

You can hold direct property, listed and unlisted shares, artwork and other exotic or not-so-common investments.

The Sole Purpose (or core purpose) of your SMSF must be to provide retirement benefits to the members of the fund on retirement or benefits to a deceased members dependant or estate on the death of a member.

Investment rules for SMSFs are in place and regulated by the ATO to limit the risks that SMSF fund members are exposed to, to maintain / maximise retirement savings.


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With Your SMSF Established - What's Next?

Your SMSF accountant is here to guide you through the following steps:

    • Electronic Service Address Setup – receive employer contributions seamlessly

    • Insurance Consultation – we can answer all your insurance-related questions

    • Rolling Over Superannuation Funds – transfer your existing superannuation funds into your new SMSF

    • Asset Investment Guidance – our licensed professionals can advise you on the assets your SMSF can invest in and how to make it work for you

    • Obligations as Trustees – we’ll explain your duties as trustees (or Directors of the trustee company) and help you understand the sole purpose test

    • Income Stream Establishment – should you need an income stream, we’re here to assist

    • Estate Planning and Contributions – our experts are ready to address all your estate planning and contribution queries

With best-in-class documentation, experienced advice and client-centric services – be confident and feel in control of your SMSF set up.

Free Business Consultation

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Work with Melbourne’s leading specialists in Self-Managed Super Funds 

With expertise in SMSF tax advice, SMSF administration and SMSF accounting for Self Managed Super Funds, we provide a streamlined, secure, and efficient service by leveraging the latest cloud technology, ensuring your SMSF operations are timely, compliant and efficient. 

Our team is committed to personally guiding you through the set-up of your SMSF. Personal and friendly service from dedicated SMSF accountants who take the time to understand your unique circumstances.

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Our SMSF setup is comprehensive, offering you:

Consents, Minutes, and Bank Account Opening Kit

  • Consent forms for trustee and director appointments.
  • Minutes for establishing your SMSF and passing various resolutions.
  • Membership application forms.


  • Registration of the trustee company with ASIC.
  • Registration of the SMSF with the ATO, including TFN, ABN, and GST registration if needed.
  • We handle any queries the ATO may have, ensuring a smooth setup process.


What We Do

With a dedicated SMSF accounting team Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants provide tailored advice to help you make informed decisions about your retirement savings, giving you the confidence that your financial future is in capable hands.


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As an SMSF member, you have greater control over your investment decisions. This means you can tailor your strategy based on your financial goals and risk appetite. SMSFs offer a wide range of investment options, such as direct property, shares, and even collectibles.


Our Mission

Navigate your Self Managed Superannuation Fund strategy like a pro, our professional advice is your secret weapon to a successful and compliant SMSF journey, whilst giving you the best opportunity to put your SMSF wealth creation in the fast lane


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Our experienced SMSF accountants are well-versed in Self Managed Superannuation Fund compliance and administration. With a dedicated SMSF accounting team, you get tailored advice so you can make informed decisions about your retirement savings.


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