Types of SMSF Contributions Explained

Concessional contributions are made into your super fund before tax, and include: employer contributions, such as. compulsory employer contributions. any additional concessional contributions your employer makes. salary sacrifice payments made to your super fund. Non-concessional contributions are made into your super fund from after-tax income. These contributions are not taxed in your super fund. Member versus Employer Contributions Personal super contributions are the amounts you contribute to your superContinue reading “Types of SMSF Contributions Explained”

SMSF Contributions

Firstly, there are two main types of contributions that can be made into super. These are concessions contributions and non concessional contributions.  In basic terms, concessional is where the money is contributed pre it being taxed and or a tax deduction is claimed for the contribution going into super and then the super fund paysContinue reading “SMSF Contributions”